Hostgator or Bluehost: Which is the best hosting in 2019

Hostgator or Bluehost : Which is the best hosting in 2019 

A few months ago I decided to start my own blog to earn money from home. I was going to write about Hostgator or Bluehost. But what I had not realized. Until then is that having a good hosting to host your website is the most important of all. Bluehost and Hostgator are two of the most popular hosting companies that exist right now. Lets find out, Which is better Hostgator or Bluehost in any blog or website. Where you will be recommended because they offer the best services with the cheapest prices in the market. But if this is your first time in which you want to create a serious blog to generate income. You’re probably wondering what their differences are? I have tried both, and here I am going to tell you which is better for you: Hostgator or Bluehost ?


Rates and plans of Bluehost and Hostgator

The first thing you should see when comparing two hosting is their price and the plans they offer each one. In a comparison between the
two, both have plans that adapt to both beginners and those who are looking for something more advanced and really need.

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In my case,

I just needed a plan for beginners and both offer it. If we talk about rates and prices, Bluehost is a
bit more expensive than Hostgator. But that is also due to the difference between the characteristics of the plans offered by each one.

In addition, most of the time the hosting pages have offers in their plans and these two are not the exception to that.

So in summary, we could say that the comparison in prices is quite relative. Everything falls more on what you really need and the plan
that most suits you. The number of plans they offer is exactly the same: both have 3 plans that are available to any user.

In Bluehost offer a free domain for a year to buy any of its 3 plans (this offer does not have Hostgator). which takes away the worry of having to acquire one in addition to hosting.

The characteristics of each plan are the following:

  • Basic
    It is the most economical of the three. It has a cost of $ 2.95 a
    month. Offers you 50 GB of storage for 1 website. 5 email accounts with 100 MB of space in each of them and finally, 25 sub domains.
  • Advanced
    For a cost of $ 5.45 per month. T
    his offers you unlimited space on all the websites you want, unlimited emails, as well as unlimited subdomains. In addition, you receive $ 200 to spend on online advertising to promote your blog or website.
  • Prime
    It has the same cost as the
    advanced one. The benefits of the plan are exactly the same as the second. But the difference is that in addition to this, it offers privacy in your domain, protection against all spam and no need to pay extra for it.

Bluehost plans are on offer now, if you contract for 36 months you can keep the current price. But to do so for less than that would be 12 months, you must pay the normal price after the first month. In addition to that the offer price of this time or when you hire will only be maintained for the time you decide to hire it the first time. All Bluehost plans have an unlimited width band and offer a 30 day guarantee (that is, if you use your services in the first 30 days you are not happy, you can ask for your money back).

hostgator or bluehost

As for Hostgator, it still offers you 3 plans but they do not give you the free domain for a year like Bluehost, nor at any time will they do it. But the advantage that Hostgator has is that if you already have a web page or a blog in another site, they will make the transfer of all your free files to their servers.

Hostgator plans are now upto 60% off.

  • Breeding
    Has a cost of $ 2.75 per
    month. It offers a single domain, facilities with just a “click” and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Baby
     Its price is $ 3.95 per month
    and contrary to the breeding plan, it offers you unlimited domains, but the rest are still facilities with a “click” and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Business
    In this plan with pay $ 5.95
    you will get unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, facilities of a click”, VoIP phone service totally free as well as a dedicated IP and positive SSL.

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All plans come with unlimited storage space and emails.

hostgator or bluehost

When you compare the plans that each hosting has, you can see that those offered by Bluehost have a higher price, but have more benefits than those of Hostgator, however, they all still meet the needs of a beginner and someone more advanced.

But something that I personally have not been able to ignore is that Bluehost offers you a free domain for one year in all your plans, while Hostgator does not and in case you do not have a domain to transfer, you must obtain one which means paying for them. The domains are quite expensive if we compare them with a plan of these so that what you are saving in Hostgator with the plans can result in more expense than hiring Bluehost due to the cost that a domain can have when acquiring it on your own or with them.

Ease to use platforms

On both platforms, if you are a complete beginner and have no idea where to start, then the two are perfect for you. By testing and reviewing them meticulously, I noticed that it is not difficult to locate, configure and do what you want on the platform. But that does not take away options and configurations for those people who need something more advanced in their

Bluehost uses cPanel in its platform which allows you to see the options much easier and that everything is organized as if you entered the menu of your computer. In addition, each option tells you specifically what it is for and there is no error.

For example:

If you need to manage your account such as changing the password, renew your account or a tutorial on how to start, all that is at a glance. The same goes for the options of domains, emails, websites or even WordPress.

Hostgator works with the same cPanel as Bluehost or that makes both platforms are organized by categories such as marketing, account, offers, services, among others. Despite having the same as Bluehost, in terms of appearance if they differ a bit by removing the side of the organization because Hostgator looks a little more “rustic” when entering the platform. And although everything is divided into categories, Hostgator presents many options that several could be considered for the same purpose, which makes you visually exhaust yourself a little more than in Bluehost. In short, it is less concise.

Both count on their platforms with user support and here everything lies in the efficiency of the service. The advanced options are easy to find but Bluehost is a little deeper in them to offer more opportunities to customize your hosting as a professional.

What functions for WordPress does each hosting offer?

WordPress with Bluehost

  • All Bluehost plans offer free WordPress installation.
  • You can install WordPress easily with a click from the cPanel and manage the whole installation from there, which allows you to start building your website immediately.
  • It comes with a free SSL certificate, a pre-designed WordPress control panel.
  • Advanced security options to scan for vulnerabilities and hazards.

WordPress with Hostgator

  • It offers the option of hosting WordPress.
  • You manage WordPress directly from the cPanel and the installation is with the push of a button.
  • Free migration service if you already have a WordPress site.
  • Plans for WordPress hosting from $ 5.95 per month.
  • It has monitoring and security service to detect vulnerabilities in your WordPress site.

Bluehost is directly recommended by WordPress.

This means that the WordPress authors themselves recommend Bluehost because it is a good place to create your blog with them.

Hostgator on the other hand also has plans that will help you with WordPress hosting, but WordPress has no relationship with them, and although they are cheaper, they have some shortcomings compared to Bluehost.

My experience with Bluehost and Hostgator

When you discover something new and what you need, we usually look for several reviews and opinions of those people who have tried them and see how they have done. The one with the most positive opinions is usually our first-hand choice.

However, I am not someone who is very satisfied with reading a lot of articles and opinions on Hostgator or Bluehostso I always end up testing things on my own if I have the money for it.

All my search for a hosting started by creating my blog, which is not about just doing it and leaving it to your luck so that it produces money, in addition to hosting that greatly influences how popular it can become.


Because things as simple as the website loads too fast or slow, that’s due to the hosting you use and how little or very stable it is, which can either increase or decrease the visits you receive in it.

To do my test, in Bluehost I hired the basic plan for a month while in Hostgator the baby plan since it was the one that most coincided with the Bluehost.

To begin with the difference of plans and why I had to hire the second instead of the first one in Hostgator, is that the difference in benefits is quite large if we list them. Of course, choosing one depends a lot on the use that you are going to give as a user and what you need to create your website or blog at the time.

I did not want anything too advanced and that’s why I did not invest in a more expensive one either.

Hostgator is cheaper than Bluehost both on offer and in its normal prices, but includes less benefits.

But, If you’re looking to start something as a beginner, then you’re in the right place. The same is true if you do not have a lot of money and do not want to hire Bluehost service for 36 or 12 months. On the other hand, Bluehost is a bit more expensive but even the basic package would work perfectly for beginners and someone looking for something advanced. And if I consider the price that both had at the time, the difference is equal to what is now between the basic plan and the breeding plan. Only at a glance by the prices, you can let yourself go more towards Hostgator,

But is it really cheaper?

This is where I began to give more thought to what would really come out cheaper and that all Bluehost plans include domain for a year, which would be helping me save more than $ 47 to get one (and I’m putting a pretty price low). While Hostgator does not offer it, so it would have to add an additional expense that may be even higher than every month with Bluehost. Besides knowing if the domain I got is private and good. Only for this detail, I can say that Bluehost turns out to be cheaper with the months and the rest of the features offered in addition to the same as Hostgator, make it worthwhile to hire it.


That’s just looking at it from an economic side, the other main point is if it really works well. Both offer a very good speed in their hosting but with Hostgator sometimes, it took me 2 or 3 seconds more to open the site of my blog.

Yes, when it comes to websites and blog, 2 or 3 seconds quickly can make a difference.

Hostgator is stable, but Bluehost too.

While calculating an average time, I realized that Bluehost always opened faster than Hostgator so it gives more security when it comes to thinking about your network and servers. The two use cPanel as I mentioned earlier and the only thing I like more about Bluehost than Hostgator, is that it is a bit more pleasing to the eye.


This is quite trivial since both are easy to use and well organized. Both are perfect for creating your website, so in the end, it always depends on you and your preferences. Customer support is another issue that did have a rather large discrepancy.

Although the two give you ease of contact for this support, the response time and help to solve the problem was very different from one another.

While Hostgator responded to me within 15 minutes and I had to wait several hours for them to find out the problem, Bluehost did it in only 5 minutes and fixed it in another 30 minutes. To be fair, I tried saying a similar fault, so it could not be said that one was easier than another to solve.

In terms of support, I’m staying with Bluehost.

In general terms, both fulfill my expectation of being able to open my blog without any problem, but there are certain characteristics of Bluehost that I know I will require a little later and that in Hostgator I have to see where I will find them or hire a more expensive plan, for example, the business plan.

Which is better: Bluehost or Hostgator?

This is where the time comes for the difficult decision and for which we have been comparing both hosting. Making a decision is not easy in regards to something with money or doing what we want well and as best as possible.

Bluehost and Hostgator have their advantages and disadvantages as everything, but depending on what you want and the user you want to be in your hosting, an answer will come to you.

As I have been saying throughout the article. Is that the decision will always be yours at the end because you are the only one who knows what use will give the hosting. And, how much you need it. If you are looking for the features with WordPress, Bluehost will be the best option for you. Since you can start a site with it from scratch, while with Hostgator you should transfer it but not start it and if you can, that would take you a lot of time and possibly money.

In terms of WordPress functions :

Bluehost is the one that offers the best options. If you are looking for something quite basic that does not have major things and can adapt to your pocket. Hostgator’s plans are better for you even if you decide not to pay several months. With Bluehost at some point you will need everything they offer in their plans. But everything will depend a lot on the budget you have. And, how much you are willing to invest in the hosting.

In terms of Speed :

The speed is similar, so both are fine if you want to bring a quick website. User-friendly platforms but Bluehost is more concise and simple than Hostgator. Taking all this into account, I made my decision about 5 months ago. When I finally started my own blog using one of these hosting.

In the end, I opted for Bluehost. But with this I do not want to tell you that because I did it you must do it in the same way. You just have to sit down, read everything. There you will determine the one that best suits you and your needs. Both are recognized hosting and good quality. so you do not have to give a lot of thought if you really chose the better of the two.

You will have a good service regardless of which you choose at the end.

If you do not have much budget. The Bluehost and Hostgator basic plans are quite complete and will perfectly serve you for what you are planning. It is good that you consider and think your best option as I did. But do not waste an eternity reading and trying. Remember that you must decide quickly to start starting your own online business and generate money. I hope this article will help to get your answer,”Which is better, Hostgator or Bluehost ?

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